eBay Account Management Service

Prismatic eBay Account Management Services

As of now, the eBay online Marketplace has about 170 million buyers globally, with over one billion products listed online for its customers.
Selling on an eCommerce site is never simple, and eBay is no exception. It takes a lot of talent, knowledge, and experience to promote and sell your items more efficiently than your competition.
As a result, the few sellers who understand how to sell well on the eBay platform outperform the competition. There is no reason to be concerned anymore. We can assist you whether you are a new seller on the platform or an experienced seller looking to increase your sales.

Why Should You Sell on eBay?

eBay is the United States' second largest third-party marketplace.
eBay has around 170 million active buyers throughout the world.
Potential consumers' high-volume, highly relevant traffic source
For product advertising, paid search possibilities are available.
Versatility in customizing and establishing product visibility strategies
Excellent marketplace for diversifying your brand's presence.

Prismatic commerce successfully solving all your eBay issues

eBay Account Management Solutions
eBay Account Management

The skilled project managers assigned to your eBay account at Prismatic Commerce will oversee all aspects of running your business on the eBay Marketplace for optimal ROI. We recognise that a company owner has many responsibilities, and with us maintaining your ecommerce site, you can focus on those responsibilities knowing that your store is in excellent hands.

eBay Listing Creation

Our team of specialists understands what it takes to create an appealing and traffic-generating product listing and strives to give it for each of their clients. With us producing your product listings on the eBay marketplace, you will notice your items ranking higher than your competitors in no time.

Bulk Listing

We also provide bulk-listing services for stores with huge product inventories. Our staff meticulously curates all of your items onto a spreadsheet in order to upload them all at once to the platform and maintain track of all of your products accessible on the eBay platform.

eBay Promotions

Our listings are tailored to appear towards the top of product searches on the eBay marketplace. To extend their reach even further, we place your product listing on eBay Promoted Listings Ads, which appear in search results as well as on the different product pages.