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Teami Blends

With Prismatic Commerce Listing Optimization, you may earn more money in a matter of days.

Teami increased its Amazon sales with the help of Prismatic Commerce's strategic product management.

Mohamed Saqib, account manager at Prismatic Commerce, and Andrew Krioukov, Co-Founder of Comfier, met to discuss the best strategies to increase sales on the most popular online marketplaces, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Comfier’s product management was formally taken over by Prismatic Commerce in October 2019. The following services are provided:

>> Resolving account duplicate listings

>> Deleting any listings with potential trademark issues

>> Branding all featured products as Comfier

>> Linking the brand store to the brand name


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    Influencer Marketing

    Businesses must change to innovative marketing approaches as social media influencers and artists proliferate. Influencer marketing is one of them. It may appear to be a buzzword, but it is a combination of traditional and contemporary marketing tactics. This is related to celebrity endorsement in that a prominent person will recommend a product and provide external validity for it. Influencers or micro-influencers have taken the role of big artists or celebrities since the younger generation (your target market) of the internet era is more interested in influencers than celebrities.

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