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Kravy Foods

With Prismatic Commerce Listing Optimization, you may earn more money in a matter of days.

Did you ever questioned why business sales are underperforming?

Prismatic Commerce focuses on improving our clients’ listings to increase earnings. Take a look at this unique case study to learn how we raised our clients’ revenues in only a few weeks. Yes, you read that correctly. We were able to assist our customers to quadruple their sales in a short amount of time by implementing a tried-and-true technique that included comprehensive listing photos, copy, and top-notch keyword analysis.

Many Amazon sellers devote their money to external promotion, oblivious to the opportunity to enhance sales by simply improving their product pages. Most of them use trendy tactics that rapidly become saturated, such as deploying ‘ManychatBots’ or hiring inexperienced freelancers who may get the task done but at a mediocre quality. The freelancer may utilize listing photographs that feature items against free-stock backdrops, making them appear manipulated. Another typical error is employing terms that are not indexed in the A9 Algorithm. If they do make adjustments, Amazon sellers do not analyze the consumer and market reaction to the modifications. If you believe you are not making the most of your resources, you are in luck since Prismatic Commerce got your back.

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    Businesses must change to innovative marketing approaches as social media influencers and artists proliferate. Influencer marketing is one of them. It may appear to be a buzzword, but it is a combination of traditional and contemporary marketing tactics. This is related to celebrity endorsement in that a prominent person will recommend a product and provide external validity for it. Influencers or micro-influencers have taken the role of big artists or celebrities since the younger generation (your target market) of the internet era is more interested in influencers than celebrities.

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